Being in relationship with another human being(s) can be rewarding, nurturing, and fulfilling. It can also be difficult, stressful, and frustrating. We all bring our unique selves, our pasts, and family histories into each relationship. As a result, it can be challenging to find balance and harmony with so many different factors interacting with each other. I believe everyone can benefit from couples therapy, whether you are newly together or have been together for decades.

Maybe you have lost the spark, are struggling through conflict and strain, are being impacted by trauma and attachment wounds, or possibly you are hoping to strengthen an already strong connection. Whatever is happening within the relationship, I am here to help by shining a light on deeper understanding, awareness, and connection.

I provide culturally informed and affirming care to all of my clients.

Areas of focus:

  • couples who have experienced trauma (PTSD, complex trauma, historical trauma, intergenerational trauma, childhood trauma)
  • high conflict couples
  • Intercultural Relationships
  • increase intimacy
  • Improve communication
  • polyamory/non-monogomy
  • reconnect and rekindle
  • navigating complex systems
  • deepening emotional connection and understanding
  • manage conflict
  • create new patterns
  • family of origin impact on relationship
  • Conscious Uncoupling/Ending a relationship