Initiating and engaging in individual therapy or couples therapy can feel scary and uncomfortable; this is why I bring a highly relational approach and experience to each session to help therapy feel more comfortable in the uncomfortable. I offer a collaborative, directive, and transparent experience in therapy sessions and prefer to join you in your experiences. I use humor and humanness to help bridge connection and vulnerability.

I begin the therapeutic relationship by exploring your family history. This allows me to have a stronger sense of how your upbringing and family may be influencing and impacting your present self and relationship. I hold an emotion-centered and attachment lens, and will often focus on this aspect to family history (eg. tell me about relationships with you caregivers, with friends, etc). I invite all of my clients to give as much or as little information as they feel comfortable. It is the beginning, and we are still building trust.

As therapy continues, we work together to navigate toward your stated goals. I view this as a collaborative process, and am always an active participant in highlighting and sharing insights into thoughts, behaviors, and emotions. This is true whether you are seeing me in a couple or as an individual. At the end of each couple therapy or individual therapy session, I provide “homework” to be worked on through out the time in between sessions. This allows the client(s) to continue developing and exploring skills discussed within therapy and work toward re-creating habits and patterns.

Therapy is a process. It takes time to gain new awareness, to heal, and to build new patterns and skills. Be patient with yourself and with the process.

Therapy can be an incredibly rewarding experience and I am so happy to be a part of that journey with you.