Insurance agencies require a mental health diagnosis to determine that therapy is “medically necessary” for payment. Many of the concerns explored in relationship and couples therapy are relational and not covered by insurance because they do not warrant an individual mental health diagnosis (eg. communication, intimacy, conflict). Many clients do not feel comfortable with the label of a mental health diagnosis on their permanent health record, may not experience “diagnosable” concerns, use therapy as a preventative measure, or seek therapy to gain support and learn new skills. Paying out-of-pocket allows you to reap the benefits of counseling no matter what your circumstance or concerns are.

Paying out of pocket allows clients to find the best therapeutic fit for their needs and increase their privacy by not having their records shared with a third party (insurance agency) and becoming a part of their permanent health record. Without using insurance, the client has more freedom to determine their course of treatment (eg. frequency of sessions, duration of therapy).

I believe that therapy should be accessible to all. I maintain a sliding scale for sessions and have clients determine what feels most financially comfortable within that scale. Many insurance agencies will reimburse a percentage of out-of-network sessions, I am able to provide you the necessary paperwork for out-of-network reimbursement. Contact your insurance carrier to inquire about reimbursement.